Certified Professional Restoration is in the business of cleaning up after fires floods and now coronavirus -

By Edd Pritchard
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Certified Professional Restoration is in the business of cleaning up after fires, floods and now coronavirus.

NORTH CANTON While a student at Kent State University, Chris Petersen studied psychology. It comes in handy as he operates a business that seems to have nothing to do with the subject.

As owner of Certified Professional Restoration, Petersen often finds himself helping customers thread their way through confusion and chaos.

The business helps customers address damage caused by water or fire, as well as offering mold removal service. Petersen is often called to help someone cope with an emergency and loss of property.

There have been instances, Petersen said, where he has found himself helping a customer through the five stages of grief.

Petersen started Certified Professional Restoration in 2015. It was his second small business. He had been operating CPR For Your Car, a roadside assistance company, for eight years.

While on a vacation trip, Petersen became friends with a Sandusky business owner who initially offered his guidance with the roadside assistance company. After several months, Petersen was persuaded to study the restoration business.

“I just like that aspect of life, just continually educating and moving forward,” Petersen said.

While learning about the potential new business, Petersen was studying at Kent State and operating his roadside assistance business. He continued another three years with CPR For Your Car and even added a branch in Cincinnati, before deciding to sell and focus on restoration.

Most of the work done by Petersen is tied to water damage. Generally, it is a situation where a pipe breaks or leaks, a sewer backs up or a sump pump fails. Water problems can lead to issues with mold at some properties.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Certified Professional Restoration has been called about cleaning areas that might have been contaminated. His company has done work at Solon’s community and senior centers.

Cleaning up after water damage involves drying the area and disinfecting. Petersen said processes for cleaning areas contaminated by coronavirus mimic cleaning for water damage. Meanwhile, crews cleaning up mold wear equipment similar to what is used when dealing with coronavirus.

While Certified Professional Restoration can handle coronavirus clean up, Petersen doesn’t anticipate the company will specialize in the process. He is ready to assist customers with information about preventative measures and precautionary cleaning.

Petersen is concerned about misinformation related to the virus and notes that no process has been certified as preventing spread of the virus. Petersen said he has been researching and following Center for Disease Control guidelines to address conronavirus concerns.

Certified Professional Restoration has about 10 employees. Petersen and his partner, Sara Largent, lead the business. Largent is marketing director and involved with building relationships with clients. The company is located on Applegrove Street NW in North Canton. For more information, call 330-733-5570 or visit www.cpr4yourhome.com.

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